After Effects Time Lapse Tutorials

Assembling the images in AE:

Tutorial on how to turn your DSLRs stills timelapse into video – Tutorial by Philip Bloom using Quicktime and FCP

Time Lapse Video Using After Effects – A quick video on how to create a time lapse video from your images

Creating Timelapse Movies in After Effects – Nice to get started

Basic Adobe After Effects Rendering for Timelapse – Small tutorial from Tom Lowe

Colour correction:

Basic Color Correction Tutorial – Basic colour correction

Colour Grading/Correction Tutorial – How to grade your footage in AE

AE Quicktips #8: Camera Raw Sequences – How to import .jpeg images in AE with ACR to profit from all benefits ACR offers

How to white balance sunsets? – Short but effective instructions how to handle sunsets white balance wise

HDR Imagery and 32 BPC – Nice tutorial about HDR processing for AE

Converting HDR to LDR without additional software – How to tone map HDRIs in AE without additional plugins in a non-destructive way

Advanced stuff:

Blending mode reference – What they do and what they are good for

Aspect Ratio Letterbox – Easy letterboxing for different ARs (make sure to check the latest comments how to make it work in CS3+)

Panning and Zooming In After Effects Tutorial – What the title says…

After Effects Tutorial: Miniature Wonderland or 2D Depth of Field– Creating the miniature city effect

Motion Blur and echo effects to smooth out footage – How to add fake motion blur when your footage wasn’t shot with a 180° shutter

Frame smoothing in AE – Various hints how to smooth out your timelapse

Animating a Still – Animating still photos

Creating a high pass filter for AE or High Pass and Coloring (more advanced) – How to create a high pass filters in AE

Running on Empty – How to wipe streets empty with AE and PS


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